Principal’s Message

GD Goenka Public School, Srinagar is the result of a dream for providing a value based quality education that evolves lifelong learners, critical thinkers, leaders, achievers and most eminently compassionate human beings each with confidence to excel.

An individual learns better what he enquires into; through enquiries one finds out. Child centric education must be inquisitive and enquiry centric. Learning is a journey from what one knows through what one wants to know in to actually finding out what one enquires into. The culmination of this process is in applying in real life what one knows. Here knowledge is not just a collection of information, but it is acquired with purpose intended for a better life. In this approach, we uphold the idea that each child is unique, different, precious and incomparable entity. Each child’s achievements, findings, talents and abilities also are accepted as unique.

We provide rigorous and relevant learning to students to meet the demands of an ever changing world by providing them with opportunities that integrate individual and group learning and playing, knowledge and values and reasoning and creativity. Thus we incessantly endeavor one to mould each child in to locally contributing  and globally thinking competent individuals.

About Principal

Mr. Johnson.P.J started his teaching career with Somerville school in Noida and has been a teacher for seven years including three years in the Ministry of Education- Republic of Maldives. He has experience of teaching CBSE as well as EDEXEL Syllabuses. He has been principal for sixteen years in Schools like K.S.Abdulla Secondary school, Kasaragod., Little Lilli Senior Secondary school, Kumbla and SMI School, Kunhipally. He was the founding Principal of Aadharshila Public School – a senior secondary School in Jind, Haryana.

He has extensive academic and other trainings like MA in Economics, in English and B.Ed., PGD in Personnel Management, Certification in Dyslexia and Counseling, Diplomas in Music and Fine Arts. He secured Second Rank in PG Diploma in Yogic Science and Indigenous Health Care from Kannur University. He is a trainer and conducts a number of training programs for schools and other institutions for the benefit of students, teachers and parents.