Guidelines for Online Test

Academic year-2020

1.The online assessment is very simple to get through. Mock Tests for the same are available on the website for children to get more familiar with it.
2. The assessment will be based only on the Term-I syllabus.
3. Parents are requested to go through Term-1 syllabus, assignments, and video lessons that have been shared earlier.
4. The Date sheet for the Term I assessment has already been uploaded on the website.
5. Assessment will be available only for a limited time-slot as per the schedule given for each subject.
6. Online test will appear on the scheduled day from 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm. After 06:00 pm the tests will automatically be removed from the website.
7. Assessment will be purely objective type and the students will have to select the correct answer from the choice of answers given for each question.

The number of MCQs will vary as per scheme given below:

Nursery & K.G:- 20 MCQs

Grade 1- Grade 4:- 30 MCQs

Grade 5 – Grade 10:- 40 MCQs

9. All questions are compulsory and must be answered.
10. Students are supposed to fill in their correct information like Examination ID/ Email id/name/ section & admission number. This information is mandatory for the test.
11. The students should not use any of their textbooks, course notes, or take any help from the parent for answering during the assessment. However, for lower classes, parents can read the questions to their wards.
12. The assessment must be completed within the allotted time slot.
13. Before appearing for the Online Test, parents are requested to make necessary preparations like checking their devices, restarting or rebooting, shutting down all other applications like email, etc to optimize the available internet speed.
14. Do not resize or minimize the browser window as it might affect the submission of the exam.
15. The exam must be completed in one sitting. It cannot be opened again after the final submission.
16. Do not forget to click the “Submit” button in the bottom right corner once the test is done with.


i) All dues must be cleared before the examination to get the Examination ID, which is mandatory for accessing the Examination Portal.

ii) In no case, will the examination be rescheduled. You are directed to make all possible efforts to attempt the examination as per the schedule.

iii) The results of the online assessments will be available after the completion of Term I examination, which implies that no score will be released on the submission of the paper for a specific subject.

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