Work Suspended – II

Corona Virus Prevention

Dear Parents, Keeping in view of the spread of cases of flu in the country, necessary measures of cleanliness as well as awareness among the students to combat the menace are taken. Please follow the guidelines: Kindly send a labeled sanitizer along with your ward to assure proper sanitization. If n

Important Notice

Respected Parents, Greetings from G.D.Goenka Srinagar. Kindly send to the class teachers the filled in personnel memoranda pages of your ward’s almanac ensuring that your phone number and other particulars are correctly filled. These pages will be used for preparation of new ID cards. Please note

School Timing

Respected Parents School re-opens for Grade 2nd to 10th from 24.02.2020 and 09:45 A.M is the reporting time. Nur., K.G. & 1st classes commence  from 27.02.2020 (Thursday) at 09:45 A.M. All prayers and wishes for a smooth academic year.