Dated: 22.02.2021Dear Parents,
This is our immense pleasure to announce the formal closure of the winter bridging classes for the session 2020-21. We understand that all our families were experiencing difficult times and there were many other needs to the student learning, that were critical as we worked through this crisis together.
We also realize enormous responsibilities and the challenges that the online classes placed on parents and guardians as they had to create space, time, routine, and support for learning at home. We are thankful to all of you for your amazing gesture of kindness and co-operation whether it be in spending time in online classes with children, sending videos, slide shows of students, performing science projects or just to cheer up those around them.
We honour all of you for your generosity, patience, resilience, determination and cooperation you have demonstrated in these testing times.
We wish our dear students a very successful academic year ahead.
For the future course of action, you will be intimated shortly. To stay updated, kindly follow the website regularly.
Dated: 20.10.2020The tentative dates for Annual Examinations 2020 will be from 30.11.2020 onwards. Parents are requested to clear the school dues before the commencement of the exams.
Dated: 20.08.2020Admission is open for nursery classes 2021. Detailed notification is given in the admission link in this website.
Dated: 30.07.2020There won’t be online classes from Friday (31.07.2020) to Monday (03.08.2020) due to Eid – Ul – Adha. Classes will resume on Tuesday (04.08.2020)
Dated: 23.07.2020Online classes will commence from Monday 27.07.2020. Please refer to schedule and meeting IDs which will be uploaded shortly in the school website.
Dated: 23.07.2020There will be online PTM on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th July 2020. Individual time slots are given by homeroom teachers through SMS or calls.
Dated: 17.07.2020The online classes for all grades will resume on Thursday ie., 23rd July 2020. The new schedule will be updated soon.
Dated: 02.07.2020Title of Account: CD
Account Name: Al Habib Educational Trust
Bank Name: Jammu and Kashmir Bank
Branch Name: Poloview, Lal Chowk, Srinagar
Account Number: 1112010100001656
Fee can be paid through NEFT using debit card or credit card. Use Phone number
9070107070 for passing on translation details or further queries.
Dated: 17.05.2020Dear Parent,
You are requested to clear your school dues by
1st June 2020.
You can pay via online transaction in to the Bank Account Number given in the fee book.
For help call:
Dated: 17.04.2020Respected Parents
Guidelines for e-Learning
You are requested to kindly download zoom Cloud Meeting App form Play Store/ App Store and install the same. We will start the interactive lessons from Monday- 20/04/2020. The detailed meeting schedule, id and passwords are also displayed in the website. When a participating student logs into the meeting he/she will be asked to enter the name class and roll no.   
The tutorial for the comfortable use of Zoom App is also provided in the website for your reference.
Kindly provide your ward an undisturbed place for attending the session. Child’s text books, note books and the learning accessories can be within the reach of the child.
The parent/guardian must agree to monitor student’s internet use. The best way to keep students safe and on-task is following the suggestions given below:
Support Student’s Safety.
Investigate and apply parental controls available through your internet service provider and/or your wireless router.
Develop a set of rules/expectations for internet use at home.
Only allow internet use in common rooms of the home (e.g. living room) and not in bedrooms but without disturbance. Demonstrate a genuine interest in what your ward is doing while online. Ask questions and request that they show you his or her work often.
For schools and parents/guardians alike, student’s safety is always a high priority. The precautions described in this section are intended to help students be safe. Student safety always comes first.
Student-Parent Guidelines for e- Learning
Expected behaviour includes using professional etiquette while communicating online. Improper use of resources is prohibited, including, but not limited to which may lead to immediate blocking of the user:
Using racist, profane, pornographic, sexually oriented, or obscene language or materials in the e- Learning  meeting
Attempting to send or sending anonymous messages of any kind
Using the network to access inappropriate and/or harmful materials
Bypassing the school’s security measures to access sites that are filtered on the network
Encrypting communications so as to avoid security review or monitoring by the system administrator
Using the network to provide addresses or other personal information that others may use inappropriately
Purposely engaging in activity that may harass, threaten, defame, slander, libel, malign, or abuse another student, teacher , any other individual or group)
Forgery or attempted forgery of electronic messages; attempts to read, delete, copy, or modify the electronic mail of other system users or deliberate interference with the ability of other system users to send/receive electronic mail or resources.
The user of the conference id has to understand the negative impact of inappropriate technology use including online bullying and harassment, hacking, intentional virus setting, invasion of privacy, and piracy of materials such as software, music, video, notes, learning resources and other media.
Interaction and doubt sessions are for the students to clear the topic based concerns. The interactive lessons are not meant for the parents to raise their queries, doubts, etc., while the session is going on. In any such instances, the access will be immediately denied.
The violation of any of the above directions will lead to denial of access, and further action on the future e-Learning access.