Greetings from GD Goenka Public School,
We are starting the Campus Manager through which the assignments, weekly planners, datesheets and circulars etc. will be forwarded to you. The URL of the campus manager is
The parents need to register themselves for the first time by providing the admission number of the child and the priority mobile number registered with the school.
1. Open in Google Chrome or any web browser from any phone or computer.
2. Click or tap on the student option
3. Click or tap on Register New Student
4. To enter Student-ID (Add GD- to admission number of your ward) e.g GD-1234, GD-1, GD-150
5. An OTP will be forwarded to your registered number.
6. Enter the OTP in the box
7. The username and password will automatically pop up on your mobile phone which needs to be saved for future use.
8. Click or tap on click here to login
9. Enter userName and Password
10. The Campus Manager is an initiative towards a better communication between Teacher to Parent. With the advent of time, we will keep updating the same and the School Mobile Application will be launched with more features.
11. In case of any technical difficulty, you can contact us on 9070106060.